This is bliss! Need to do this more often… it’s tough work being a cat, all that napping and eating takes its toll. Ahhh… feels sooo goood. Don’t ever wanna wake…



Box Number 2

Oooo… the memories flood back with this one. Found this dust-covered photo while looking for a cockroach that ran under the fridge. That’s me in my younger days, still groggy after a long noontime nap. This box was fun for a while, I was younger then, I didn’t know better… It was a little box I got the Human to make me. A bit too open for my liking, I ditched it after a couple of days. It was built on the ground level, what was he thinking? Too noisy and too low for a being of my stature. See Box No. 12, that one is perfect! Up on the fridge with majestic views, private and quiet too! Not to mention underground heating, ideal for those cold nights.

The Human better hurry buy me this:
hepper modern pet furniture

(It’s a bed…not a litter box, though it would be nice too)

The Rattle

That Thing, there it is…on the table motionless. But let me tell you this… it’s alive and it’s watching me! Everytime I get on that table, that Thing, it makes it’s move…right next to my pretty ears making the loudest ‘KLANK!’ and the most annoying ‘KLONK!’. KLANKETY KLANKETY KLONK! And that Human is always nearby, shouting, ‘Poppy, NO!!’

I’m guessing I’m not supposed to be on the table… well if he thinks that Thing can scare me… (he’s right…)

It says on the can ‘Tuna with Chicken’. I love it! So simple, yet so delicious!  I know, I know, it’s not exactly fine cuisine, but I tried the gourmet stuff and it just turns me off. Call me cheap but nothing beats ‘Tuna with Chicken’ (perhaps only ‘Pilchards in Prawn Jelly’… I gotta give you a picture of that one some day…) not even that expensive ‘Premium Whitemeat Tuna and Seafood’ or many of the others that come in those tiny cans. The Human should count himself lucky I have affordable tastebuds! Ha!

Best served cold… I like it that way every morning.

Snappy Tom

This is my giant nail file! Lovely for keeping my claws from getting too sharp. Sometimes, I leave one claw out just in case the Human gets too comfortable. I give his hand a good swipe and out comes blood! Whoopee!

Strangely enough, when I’m done scratching, I would find yummy shrimp right at the top of the post… Hmm where is it now?

Scratching post

This is a warning, beware this Cat, she is dangerous. Her Cuteness is definitely out of control, look at the fur, the mewing, completely unnatural! It sickens me… Being too cute is definitely some kind of violation of the highest order!!! Especially if she is cuter than me!!!

Hoho! I finally made progress! A hole in the sofa! With string! Can you imagine? All that fluffy sponge I can tear out and play with, all the string I can yank out! I think I am going crazy! My Human gave up on trying to get me to stop… the fool, nothing can stop me. This is Project Sofa we’re talking about, it is the duty of every cat to destroy the furniture. It is part of the Cat Doctrine, Section 3 Subsection A. Go look it up…

Project Sofa

This box is perfect, the other 11 just weren’t right. The cardboard has excellent texture, thick enough to be durable, thin enough so that it tears easily and best of all, is situated right above the fridge. Gives a bird’s eye view of the pantry below. Interior is dark so I remain well hidden. A dark place for dark thoughts… or for sleeping.

Notice the bottom lip and how it’s neatly shorn into a single scallop. I’m very handy with my teeth.

Cardboard Box No. 12

Well, its been 394 days since I took control of my Human back on 24 September 2006. Hard to believe how easy it’s been. Humans are such fools, this one especially, all I had to do was rub my body against his legs and that was that! I’m so cute, its dangerous!

Anyway, been surfing around the web and found out about this blogging thing and here I am! What better way to document my adventures and speak to fellow cats! Of course he doesn’t know I can blog, he doesn’t know a lot of things. I cracked his PC password months ago (it was my name! how unimaginative!) and he is none the wiser…

That’s me!

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